These photographs represent a hankering loss in time and physicality, only the location endures to be endlessly re-edited and cropped and re-mapped with contemporary architectural design and functionality.

Photographs serve as evident witnesses of what was and detailed meticulous illustrations of what is. Contradictions in time, conflations of place.

Crowded streets, events, places wear out and become redundant to be replaced by anodyne, vacuous, characterless spaces avenued with cenotaph trees, very determinedly and evenly placed, but lacking any sensible meaning of place, their limited narratives utterly abbreviated as they measure out a new “nice” urban space between recently arrived but enigmatically remote and alienating buildings.

Memories dislocated from older dwellings, factories, churches, pubs, schools and shops, free falling and free forming in dispersed virtual emotional expanses that still haunt and surround us daily.

Silent meditative images of the “then” and the “gone” and the “not there” that shadow the new now.

A neutral “now” of grass covered crushed rubble and “bright” modernity and redevelopment and enterprise, that blanket and muffle a zillion miniscule but threaded histories,  presently distantly dim but once a blaze of vivid, vital vibrancy.